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STATUS: BasicEffect: The Game!


Project Description
War Pigs is a turn-based strategy game/business management simulator centered around an AI-controlled civil war, its factions dependant on non-combative player-controlled PMCs for resources, staff, and training.

People for the Liberation of Someralia
The Columod
Western Alliance
Honor Guard
Marxist Extremists

Private Military Companies
Customize your corporation's name, stock symbol, colors, logo, and ceo portrait and lead your business to maximum riches.

Simultaneous turn-based (up to 6 PMCs)
Turn-based (up to 6 PMCs)
Single-player vs. AI (factions and PMCs)

The Team
I can't even get tortoise to work (nevermind, source control now works - JPK 9/22)

Language and Frameworks
Programming in XNA 4.0 C#. Uses the Nuclex framework (gamestates, gui). 

Yell at Me
The discussion board here is a great place to get feedback on my code or tips on how to improve things (or, fingers crossed, you want to HELP with this little project...)
I also maintain a chatroom on IRC's Otherworlders network, #WarPigs.

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